Our customers are the focus of everything we do. When they succeed, we succeed.

FINCA is at the forefront of financial innovations and inclusion, setting standards for the microfinance industry and developing new products and services that help our customers achieve their dreams. We keep a pulse on their needs and aspirations through strong customer relationships and a robust research program. Our brand attributes of warmth, trust, and responsible banking shine through in every customer interaction.

FINCA by the Numbers

Worldwide, FINCA Impact Finance impacts the lives of 3.4 million people each year. In Zambia, FINCA has served more than 200,000 clients since 2001.

Reaching Underserved Populations

Zambia provides special services to women and people from rural areas, recognizing that they tend to be underserved by financial institutions. FINCA Zambia has introduced a digitized group savings product accessible via mobile banking, designed to facilitate savings activities for village banking groups, particularly focusing on driving financial inclusion in unbanked and underserved areas where village banking is predominantly conducted by women. Alongside the product, FINCA Zambia offers financial and digital literacy programs to empower women and other underserved customers in these communities.

Customer Education

When FINCA offers financial education alongside loans and savings products, our customers are more successful. We offer free financial and technical education on topics as diverse as basic budgeting, financial planning, agricultural development, and entrepreneurship. These financial education offerings are particularly empowering for women and other groups who historically have lacked equal access to such resources.

Serving Our Communities

In keeping with our commitment to build a better tomorrow for our customers, we are proud to invest our time and talent for the benefit of our communities. We target outreach toward activities that support our customers and their way of life.  

Our main areas of focus are promoting health and supporting disadvantaged women. Recent projects include donating to the pediatric renal ward at the University Teaching Hospital and providing cleaning supplies for the maternity ward at Ng’ombe community clinic.