Agency Banking

Efficient Services Closer to You

Experience accelerated services conveniently located to save you valuable time on unnecessary travel.

Versatile Transactions

Explore a range of transactions through services that provide convenience and accessibility for various financial activities.

  • Seamless Transfers
    Effortlessly transfer funds between FINCA accounts, facilitating swift and secure financial transactions.

  • Withdrawal Convenience
    Access the convenience of cash withdrawals, providing flexibility in managing your financial resources.

  • Real-time Inquiry
    Stay informed about your account status with real-time balance inquiries, ensuring you have accurate financial insights.

  • Effortless Opening
    Experience efficient and hassle-free account opening, streamlining the process for new customers.

  • Secure Enrollment
    Enhance security with biometrics enrollment, ensuring a secure and reliable identification process.

Accessible Transactions

Access the benefits of FINCA Express Agents, whether or not you hold a FINCA account.

  • Account Holders
    Account holders benefit from advanced transactions but require bio-enrollment and ID for added security.

  • Non-Account Holders
    Non-account holders can engage in specific transactions through agents, offering access based on their account status.

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely. All transactions conducted at FINCA Express Agent are securely processed.
It’s just K5.00 for any amount withdrawn, and all other transactions are completely free.
Rest assured, a system-generated receipt will be provided for every deposit and transaction you make.
Yes, indeed. You can conveniently conduct your banking transactions closer to your residence, even when FINCA Branches are closed.

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