Explore employment opportunities in FINCA Zambia.

More than a Job

FINCA has an ambitious mission – to end poverty. To advance that mission, we rely on a global workforce of 7,000 talented employees committed to empowering people who envision a better future for themselves and their communities.

Together, we provide access to products, services, and education that help customers start or grow businesses, save for the future, and keep their children in school. We help them build resilience to climate change and other shocks. We see the results of our actions in the lives of our customers.

Global Vision, Local Heart

As a global organization, staff benefit from exposure to industry best practices and often have opportunities to collaborate with colleagues around the world. But our most important work is done locally. Most employees live and work in the communities they serve. We embrace local cultures and perspectives and our commitment to diversity and inclusion creates a strong sense of belonging.

Our Values

Our employees demonstrate empathy, service, active listening, accountability, and respect and embrace our brand attributes of warmth, trust, and responsible banking. We embrace technology and innovation to increase our impact and best serve our customers.

Join Our Team

We welcome candidates with diverse backgrounds at all career stages. We seek individuals with whom we can build strong and lasting relationships – people who care about, and have respect for, customers. We look for colleagues who approach their work with joy, innovation, energy, and a sense of service beyond self.

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