Fixed Term Deposits

Secure and accessible deposits

Invest today to ensure a secure tomorrow!

Secure investment

Benefit from attractive interest rates, flexible tenures tailored to match your financial goals.

  • Attractive Rates: Experience attractive interest rates designed to maximize returns on your investment.

  • Flexible Tenures: Choose from flexible tenures that align with your specific financial objectives for a tailored investment.

  • Secure Platform: Experience a low-risk investment platform that prioritizes safety and security of your funds.

Seamless savings and investments

Open and operate the account to facilitate your term deposit pay-ins and payouts seamlessly.

  • Initial Minimum: Begin your investment journey with an initial minimum deposit of ZMW200.

  • Investment Period: Commit to a minimum investment period of 30 days to optimize your returns.

  • Fixed Interest: Enjoy the assurance of fixed interest rates that remain constant until the end of the tenure.

  • Withdrawals Notice: For any premature withdrawals, provide 5 working days’ notice to ensure smooth processing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A Fixed Deposit Account is a savings account with a fixed maturity date and offers a higher interest rate compared to the ordinary savings account.

The minimum balance required to open a Fixed Deposit account is K200.

There are no charges on individual investments. However, for corporates, there is a 15% withholding tax on the interest earned.

Yes, you can withdraw before the end of the tenure. However, please note that there is a penalty for early redemption.

Our fixed deposit plans are low risk; the interest rates are fixed regardless of prevailing economic trends or market movements, providing stability for your investments.

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