Customer Protection

Customer needs and feedback are our top priorities at FINCA Zambia. We keep in mind that each customer is unique and we make sure that their voice is heard.

FINCA Zambia is guided by the ultimate goal of prioritizing the interests of our customers and consistently follows the principles of client protection adopted in the microfinance field. We value long-term and strong relationships based on warmth, trust and responsibility.

We adhere to each of the Client Protection Principles ensuring that we offer appropriate products to our customers, take measure to prevent over-indebtedness, our terms and conditions, as well as pricing is transparent, we protect customer privacy data and have all mechanisms in place to professionally respond to customer voice.

We encourage all stakeholders (including employees, shareholders, clients, contractors, vendors and regulators) to disclose actual, potential or suspected instances of misconduct.

Your feedback, suggestions or complaints can be submitted via the following channels:

Online Form

Note: Letters, phone calls and emails are treated with care and confidentiality by FINCA Zambia.