Pamo Group Savings

Unified digital savings for collective goals

Experience the ease of saving together with the convenient and personalized approach we offer to support you achieve your goals.

Unlock group savings goals digitally

Explore the benefits of saving together!

  • Digital Platform: Experience the convenience of our digitized savings platform, accessible on the mobile banking platform and via USSD by dialing *200#

  • Maintenance Freedom: no maintenance fees on both individual and group accounts.

  • No Cost Transfers: Access internal transfers with no additional fees, making transactions more cost-effective for you all.

  • Transparent: Benefit from a transparent Agent fee structure, with a minimal charge of K5 for amounts ranging from K1.00 to K20,000.00

Quick access to digital savings

Qualifying is a breeze with the fastest way to access group savings digitally, ensuring a seamless and efficient process for your collective financial objectives.

  • Individual Savings: Each member of a group is required to open an Individual FINCA Saver account to participate in the group’s savings activities.

  • Group Account setup: Groups are encouraged to open a group account with designated signatories, ensuring efficient management and access.

  • Group documentation: Groups are required to provide a group governing document or constitution, which will be attached to their group account, ensuring transparency and accountability within the group.

Start your application

Applying is a straightforward and convenient process.

Frequently Asked Questions

It’s easy! Visit the nearest FINCA branch or call FINCA Customer Care at +260966-200-580, +260971-245-429, and an assigned officer will guide you through the process.

Simply fill out the Group KYC form, provide a group savings governing document (constitution), furnish NRCs for group members, and ensure each member has an individual FINCA saver account.

Enjoy secure transactions, protection against fraud and theft, interest earnings on FINCA saver and group accounts, automated share-outs, and 24/7 accessibility through mobile banking.

Yes, indeed! Our platform is easily accessible through USSD on *200#, making it user-friendly for feature phones.

We have agents across regions, and if none are available, we’ll promptly set up an agent in your preferred location to support your group’s transactions, just let us know.

FINCA is a reputable institution with a global network, regulated by the Bank of Zambia. Operating in Zambia since 2001, we uphold trust and transparency in all our financial services.

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