Investing time and talent to benefit our communities

In FINCA Zambia we target outreach toward activities that support our customers and their way of life. Our commitment encompasses a comprehensive approach, aligning with customer education, healthcare, economic empowerment, employment, financial inclusion focus areas.

By addressing these strategic pillars we aim to go beyond the traditional role of a financial institution. We believe that environmental consciousness, ethical business practices and economic empowerment are interconnected components that collectively contribute to a sustainable and socially responsible business model. Through our targeted initiatives, we endeavor to create a meaningful, positive and lasting impact, fostering a better future for individuals, businesses, and the environment alike.

Benefits of our programs

  • Education Initiatives:
    Contribute to enhancing educational opportunities, supporting schools, and providing scholarships to underserved communities.

  • Healthcare Support:
    By investing in healthcare initiatives, improves access to medical services, leading to better health outcomes for communities.
    Economic Empowerment: CSR efforts focused on entrepreneurship and small business development stimulate economic growth and create sustainable livelihoods.

Focus areas to foster resilience of our customers
  • Rural Outreach: Investing in microfinance services in rural areas to reach underserved populations and contribute to poverty alleviation.

  • Financial Literacy Programs: Implementing initiatives to enhance financial education and empower clients to make informed financial decisions.

  • Healthcare Partnerships: Invest in healthcare projects that address prevalent health challenges in Zambia, promoting community well-being.

Achievements we are proud of
  • Community Empowerment: Through financial inclusion efforts, FINCA Zambia has empowered thousands of individuals, enabling them to break the cycle of poverty and achieve financial stability.

  • Financial Literacy Education and entrepreneurship skills for Women: As a testament to our commitment to community empowerment, our Financial Literacy education for Women stands as a beacon of transformative change. This initiative is intricately designed to empower and uplift women within our community, offering vital financial knowledge, cultivating entrepreneurial skills, and championing economic independence among women

  • Educational Impact: Contributions to education have resulted in improved access to quality education, positively impacting the lives of young individuals in Zambia. A multitude of success stories vividly illustrates how FINCA’s assistance and education to small businesses has resulted in successful entrepreneurship.

Our recent projects

  • CSR 02-03-2024

    Finca Zambia, recently had the privilege of participating in the vibrant N’cwala Ceremony held in Chipata on 24th February 2024. This annual event, deeply rooted in the cultural heritage of the Ngoni people, provided an invaluable opportunity for Finca to engage with local communities, showcase our commitment to social responsibility, and strengthen our brand presence.

  • CSR 07-11-2023

    October was truly an exhilarating Customer Experience Month. It was a month full of excitement, enthusiasm, and a relentless focus on our valued customers. From themed weeks to heartfelt customer appreciation, it was a celebration of all things customer centric.

  • CSR 07-11-2023

    FINCA Zambia is delighted to have participated in a charitable endeavour alongside the esteemed Nomads Zambia Team, which involved a generous donation to the Paediatric Renal Ward at the University Teaching Hospital (UTH).

  • CSR 23-08-2023

    The Ministry of Finance and National Planning of the Zambian Government hosted a delegation from the Malawian government from their Central Bank and Ministry of Finance for a peer learning visit on the implementation of the micro finance/rural finance policy in Zambia.

  • CSR 05-07-2023

    In a bid to promote financial inclusion and improve economic opportunities for the unbanked women in Zambia, FINCA, recently conducted a financial literacy education event for women’s saving groups.

  • CSR 31-03-2022

    Finca Zambia was among the financial institutions that participated in the 2022 Financial Literacy week under the theme “Build your Future, Be money smart”. The event was held from the 21st to 27th of March 30, 2022.