October was truly an exhilarating Customer Experience Month. It was a month full of excitement, enthusiasm, and a relentless focus on our valued customers. From themed weeks to heartfelt customer appreciation, it was a celebration of all things customer centric.

Our dedicated staff embraced the weekly themes with boundless passion and creativity, creating an infectious spirit that swept through our branches and offices. It was more than just a month of customer appreciation; it was a joyous journey of connection and engagement.

We kicked off the month with Happy Socks Day, a time when our team donned their most colourful and cheerful socks, spreading smiles and positive vibes to our customers. This creative beginning set the tone for the month to come. Other themes included, Dress like your Customer Week, where our staff not only served our customers but also took on their personas through creative attire. This unique experience allowed us to truly step into our customers’ shoes and see the world from their perspective. We had Sneakers Week and last but not the least, Zambian Colours Week. It was a tribute to our roots, an acknowledgment of our heritage, and it was so monumental to the vibrant diversity that makes us who we are.

But the fun and festivities were only a part of this special month. The true highlight was the heartwarming recognition of our loyal customers. We awarded certificates and special gifts to these cherished individuals who have been the driving force behind our success. Their loyalty and trust in our services have been the cornerstone of our journey, and it was an honour to show our gratitude.

As we reflect on Customer Experience Month, we recognize that it’s not just a one-month affair. It’s a commitment that lasts all year round and beyond. Our focus on delivering exceptional customer experiences, understanding their needs, and providing innovative solutions will continue to be at the core of everything we do.

Thank you to our customers for being a part of this extraordinary month and thank you to our amazing staff for their boundless enthusiasm and passion. Here’s to a future filled with exceptional customer experiences!