Success Stories

Gladys Tembo

54 year old Gladys Tembo of Bauleni Township in Lusaka city describes herself as a strong woman in business who easily embraces change. Gladys is married with 5 children-a son and four daughters. With a dream of uplifting her family’s standard of living, Gladys started running her business as far back as she could remember.

Dapson Chansa

Dapson Chansa is a self -made man who has always believed in doing something for himself. An entrepreneur by nature, Dapson and his late wife established a school in 2003.

Kelly Mwansa

Many low income entrepreneurs are most times faced with a predicament of having to choose one of the two important decisions when it comes to business profits.

James Shatunka

High unemployment levels in the country has forced many youths in the country to engage themselves in bad vices in order to earn a living.

Fridah Nanyiza

In the 1960s and 70s, it was a common culture practiced mainly in villages and rural parts of Zambia for parents to marry off their daughters at a very tender age. A 48 year old Fridah Nanyiza, who is a victim of early marriage, narrates challenges she went through and how FINCA has improved her life.

Alice Simwanza

Alice Simwanza resides in Kalikiliki compound in Lusaka with her husband and six children. Over twenty years ago, Alice and husband were constantly faced with financial challenges. Back then, Alice’s husband was not in full time employment and therefore, could not constantly provide for home needs.

Elizabeth Katalilo

Elizabeth Katalilo was forced out of school in her ninth grade after her father abandoned her mother and her 11 siblings. Narrating her childhood life from her poultry, Elizabeth said her mother struggled to provide for family needs.

Kakunda Siyanga

Kakunda Siyanga has been working with FINCA since its inception in Zambia in 2001 and is one of the founder members of Odi Oko Village bank.

Elizabeth Ngosa

Elizabeth Ngosa is a married woman of Kapiri Mposhi District in Central Province of Zambia. In 2009, Elizabeth’s husband had a stroke which left half of his body paralyzed and therefore, incapable of executing his duties at work.