In 1984, FINCA International co-founder John Hatch came up with idea of helping farmers in Bolivia by providing them with flexible loans that did not require collateral. Unlike traditional loans, John pioneered “village banking”, bringing together 10 -25 Bolivian farmers to share a loan and a mutual guarantee of repayment.

Following the success of village banking in Bolivia, John began a series of international assistance programs to alleviate poverty in low-income and post-conflict countries through the provision of small loans to poor entrepreneurs. This was the beginning of what we know today as microfinance.

Over thirty years later, FINCA Impact Finance (of which FINCA International is the primary shareholder) is a global network of 20 microfinance institutions and banks. With 30 years of experience and over 10,000 local staff, FINCA Impact Finance delivers a double bottom line of social impact and profitability.

FINCA Zambia, a subsidiary of FINCA Impact Finance began its operations in 2001 as a non-profit organization that provided financial services to the financially-excluded section of the population. Since launching a single office offering village banking loans in Lusaka, FINCA Zambia has grown into a full-service microfinance institution (MFI) serving more than 17,000 clients with financial services including credit and savings. FINCA Zambia is composed of 14 branches spanning Lusaka, Central, Southern, Eastern and Copperbelt provinces. In 2012, the Bank of Zambia issued FINCA Zambia a license to take deposits.


2001: FINCA Zambia is launched
FINCA Zambia is launched as a non-profit organization operating from two location in Lusaka.

2012: FINCA Zambia is Licensed to Take Deposits
FINCA Zambia becomes a Microfinance Deposit Institution after meeting the Central Bank of Zambia’s requirements. It successfully launches a range of savings products available to the general public.

2013: Largest MFI in Zambia
FINCA Zambia’s positive impact on its clients’ businesses is clear as it becomes the largest MFI in Zambia in total clients and gross loan portfolio.

2001-18: Growth and Outreach
Since its inception in 2001, FINCA Zambia has expanded its branch network and now has 14 branches located across the country in addition to a growing network of banking agents. In the process of expanding, FINCA Zambia increased its outreach to nearly 60,000 clients in both urban and rural areas of Zambia.

2015: FINCA Zambia Launches FINCA eXpress Agent Banking
FINCA Zambia launches agent banking as part of its efforts to enhance delivery channels, increase outreach and improve customer experience (CX) by installing biometric banking terminals in businesses located where clients live.

2018: FINCA Zambia Launches Mobile Banking
FINCA Zambia launches another convenient delivery channel, FINCA Mobile Banking, which is available both via smartphone app and USSD. This further enhances outreach and CX and expands financial inclusion in the country.